The Designer and Artist, Isa Fernandes, author of the sculptures that complete  the Legends Pathway of Olhão, a town in Algarve,  offers, once again, her creativity to the great attraction that the city is about to inaugurate, a fantastic representation of the Ria Formosa Seahorse.

Other places in this city ,  received, by this Designer and Artist, sculptures based on local legends, which required  a bigger set design . The sculpture at Largo da Fabrica Velha (Old Factory Square) evokes the Legend of Marim where is represented  the passion of 

troubadour Abdala and the young Moorish Alina. This impossible  love is condemned to immortality,  the end being represented by the happy end of the romance. The Gaibeu Square has sculptures of boys playing in the street, interacting  with those who pass by , to remind them of the Enchanted Moor Legend In João da Carma's Square, is located the Legend of Arraul. According to the local mythology, he is one of son's of Hercules Columns guardian ,  the only survivor of Atlantis and the creator of the dune cord of Ria Formosa and the city of Olhão.